fredag den 16. august 2013

1st Wryneck of the year.

A slightly slower day than yesterday was had today, probably due to the wind turning back to Southwest. Still, we managed to ring 56 new birds throughout the day.

Whitethroat 10
Icterine Warbler 9
Willow Warbler 9
Yellowhammer 5
Garden Warbler 4
Tree Pipit 2
Thrush Nightingale 2
Marsh Warbler 2
Reed Warbler 2
Greenfinch 2
Singles of...
Pied Flycathcher
Red-backed Shrike
Marsh Warbler 1st CY.

A fine day's ringing with again, a nice variety of species. Gert came again to fix up the ringing hut. I was in bed though, so I can't comment on the progress.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

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