tirsdag den 30. juni 2015



Today has been a great day for me here, I have a new species!!!

Results for today:

Jernspurv/ Dunnock 4
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 2
Munk/ Blackcap 3
Gransanger/Chif chaf 2
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 1
Blåmejse/ Blue tit
Rødrygget tornskad/ Red-backed shrike 1 (He has bitten me a lot!!!)
 and...my totally new species: Stor Flagspætte/Great spotted woodpecker 1 :D a wonderful young bird.

15 birds of 8 species + 6 recaptures = 21 birds

We have had a big group of visitors today, thank you Benny and Hans for your help :)

Well, I think it is my last ringing until sunday, because I'm going to travel to Copenhagen to visit this wonderful city :)

See you then. Have a nice week!!!!!!!

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