torsdag den 25. juni 2015

Third week


I´m here since 8th of June, near of three weeks. I´m really well here, this part of Denmark is so beautiful, and I´m learning everyday. I´m knowing very nice people, and wonderful places. Thank you to every body.

I miss a lot my home, of course, too. My friends, my family. That is the longest travel that I ever have done. But all of you make me feel so good.  Thanks.

Today has been a very normal ringing day, sunny (to the end!!!!) and windy:

- Solsort/ Blackbird 1
- Gæardesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 2
- Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 1
- Munk/ Blackcap 1
- Gransager/ Chif chaf 1
- Sumpmejse/ Marsh tit 1
- Tornirisk/ Linnet 2

Total: 9 birds of 7 species + 13 recaptures. This days the birds are breeding, we have a lot of recaptures of young birds.

Henrik, thank you very very very much for your help this days!!! See you soon in Copenhagen :D

More and better, at the weekend.

"See" you soon :)

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