fredag den 21. august 2015

The most amazing eyes


Special morning today :) Very sunny and no windy.
We have caught two sparrowhawk in two days!!! The nets are working very well. I´m totally fascinated for the yellow eyes that they have.They are absolutely amazing. 

Lot of thing of tell today. But first, the results:
Spurvehøg/ Sparrowhawk 1
Jernspurv/Dunnock 1
Rødstjert/Redstart 7
Kærsanger/Mash warbler 8
Rørsanger/ Reed warbler 1
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 2
Gærdesanger/Lesser whitethroat 15
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 19
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 3
Munk/ Blackcap 7
Løvsanger/Willow warbler 12
Grå Fluesnapper/ Spotted flycatcher 2
Broget Fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 2
Rødrygget Tornskad/ Red-backed shrike 1
Skovspurv/ Tree sparrow 3

Total: 85 new birds of 15 species!! Less than yesterday, but great anyway :D
And... Do you know the feeling when you are ringing a cute bird...and suddenly someone appears with a delicious breakfast for you??? hehehe That have happened today, thanks to Kristian and Benthe. Your are wonderful persons. Thank you for all. I´m gonna miss you a lot. Hope to see you someday again. I really hope it. 

Finally, I would like to say WELCOME!!!! to one of my bests Spanish friends, who is going to stay here with us these days (only one and a half week more for me). Roberto is learning to be a ringer, and he is a good birdwatcher too. I´m sure he is going to enjoy a lot here, because sure he will discover a lot of new species. 

More and better, tomorrow.
Lyd ;)

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