onsdag den 12. august 2015

This morning the nets were open only a small amount of time before un-forecast showers made us close the nets. Between showers nets were opened and closed a number of times before, inevitably, I gave up. No new birds were ringed today, only a couple of re-captures were taken in the early stages of the day.

There seems to have been a big clear out of birds with little noise in the garden.

On the tip this afternoon migration was slow.

Fjordterne (Common Tern) 34
Havterne (Arctic Tern) 21
Sortterne (Black Tern) 19
Skarv (Cormorant) 23
Krikand (Teal) 16
Ederfugl (Eider) 70
Dværgmåge (Little Gull) 3
Gråand (Mallard) 2
Hav\Fjordterne (Commic tern) 10
Sortand (Common Scoter) 141
Pibeand (Wigeon) 4
Skeand (Shoveler) 4
Storspove (Curlew) 1
Gråstrubbet Lapperdykker (Red-necked Grebe) 1
Svartbag (Great black-backed gull) 1

The best of the rest(ing) were 2 Dværgterne (Little Tern) and an old female Spurvehøg (Sparrowhawk).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for ringing and migration on the tip.

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