onsdag den 24. juni 2015

Raining, raining, and more raining. And also windy...

Hello everybody.

That is not summer. Where is the danish summer? Maybe you don´t have?? I recommend you a visit to Spain. You will see a real summer ;)  I hope better weather next dates. (It´s a joke ;) don´t be angry with me.)

Today Henrik and I was possible to put up all nets even if the wind was rather hard.
Henrik had a new ringing species(Finally!) - a sand martin so he was happy.
Many birds in the nets but most of them was already ringed.
Today ringing:
Digesvale/Sand martin - 2
Solsort/Blackbird - 1
Kærsanger/Marsh warbler - 1
Gulbug/Icterine warbler - 1
Tornsanger/Whitethroat - 2
Havesanger/Garden warbler - 1
Munk/Black cap -1
Sumpmejse/ Marsh tit - 1
Musvit/Great tit -1
Tornirisk/Linnet - 1
Total - 12

Nice morning.
I´m sure that you know yesterday was Sankt Hans, and here in Gedser, there was a big, big fire. We were seeing it. All people was singing. New experience for me, I´m really enjoying my days here :D You can see a video in my facebook. https://www.facebook.com/lydia.solernoguera/videos/vb.100000356144566/935169256504937/?type=3&theater

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Birdringal-andalus sagde ...

Hi Henrik, Greetings: Do not listen to Lydia, here in southern Spain in the coming days we will have winds of the Sahara and possibly reach more than 42 ºg C.
If you want to know the terrible experience of working in a CES stay guest, of course I pay the beers ...
A hug for you and Lidia.

Dancon sagde ...

Fernando send some summer up here then, we need some sun!
I`m allways up for a beer or more ;)