mandag den 20. oktober 2014

A Slow but Sparrowhawk-ey Day

Unfortunately, the winds and rains of yesterday did not stop today. We woke up to strong winds and rain, and had to postpone opening the nets until 9 am. Heidi and Anders took the day off for some much needed rest, and Hans came to help us manage the nets this morning.

Overall the day was quite slow, with only about 50 birds banded. Luckily for us however, the strong winds brought many of the sparrowhawks (spurvehøg) into our nets! We had 8 in total, some of which were nice looking adults!
Adult Male Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus
Other than the raptors there were not any unusual species. Most of the birds caught today were bluetits (blåmejse) (ouch our fingers!). The goldcrests (fuglekonge) seem to have moved through, and we are getting a few more bullfinch (dompap), much to our liking.

The weather looks quite windy for tomorrow as well. But if we are lucky perhaps a nice bird will be blown into our nets!


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