tirsdag den 28. oktober 2014

Great grey shrike!

On leaving the house this morning and seeing the state of the nets in front of the house, it looked doubtful that we'd be able to open any nets at all. Strong winds seemed to be battering every net we came to. Luckily though, just enough nets were out of the wind to allow for standard ringing.

It was quite a different story from yesterday, even with just a few nets open by the end of standard time we'd ringed well over 100 birds, and due to Johan's valiant efforts (ringing until the sun set!) the days total must be up to 200!
Stor Tornskade (Lanius excubitor)
Photo: Anders O. W. Nielsen
Not a huge variety species wise. Robins (rødhals), wrens (gærdesmutte) and goldcrests (fuglekonge) as usual were the majority.  Other than the usual, there were a few bluetits (blåmejse) in the nets and we were lucky enough to see a flock of long-tailed tits (halemejse) follow each other into a net. We also caught a very colourful male bullfinch (dompap).

At the end of standard time Johan suggested we put on great grey shrike (stor tornskade) calls on the speaker. His efforts rewarded us with the first of that species ringed for the year and definitely the highlight of our day!


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