lørdag den 11. oktober 2014

Our Canadian Thanksgiving

Today was a wonderfully sunny, warm and busy day! As predicted, flocks of birds were filling our nets from dawn until dusk. Overall, we banded around 550 birds! The majority being goldcrests (fuglekonge), with a sprinkling of robins (rødhals), wrens (gærdsmutte) and bluetits (blåmejse).

Some banding  highlights of the day include a couple firecrests (rødtoppet fuglekonge), a greater spotted woodpecker (stor flagspætte), and a hawrfinch (kernebider)!

Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)
Joe and I spotted our first long tailed tits (halemejse) today! There was roughly ten or so in the pine trees west of the house. We are really looking forward to banding them, they're so cute! 

This evening we had some visitors drop by, and Joe and I prepared a Canadian thanksgiving dinner for everyone! There was chicken, gravy, stuffing and even some pie! Now that we are all stuffed with Canadian dishes, we will have a good rest in preparation for the next huge wave of birds tomorrow!


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