tirsdag den 21. oktober 2014

Blåmejse Blitzkrieg!

Yesterday, we predicted that the bad weather would keep the birds away and boy we were wrong! The morning started off a bit slow, but by 9 the birds were filling the nets!

Unfortunately for our fingers, a huge migration of bluetits (blåmejse) came through today, with around 100 banded! Goldcrests (fuglekonge) are still moving steadily through, and from what we can see in Sweden they should be coming through for the next few days as well! There was a nice variety of the regular species, wren (gærdsmutte), bullfinch (dompap) and blackcap (munk). We also had a very nice third year, female sparrowhawk early in the morning before the rush began.

After standard banding the day was more relaxed. Johanna and Johan reopened the nets later on, and caught more of the usual species. Until the rain started they caught quite a few! This evening Anders and Heidi made us hjerter i flødesovs for dinner (for the english readers on here, that's hearts in cream sauce)! Joe and I had never eaten heart before, but it was very delicious. I am also convinced that you can put Danish gravy on anything and it will taste good.

Tomorrow looks like it will be another busy day, so its off to bed! Hopefully tomorrow will have some new species (and more gravy).


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