fredag den 10. oktober 2014

Another productive windy day

This morning the winds were so strong that we nearly had a couple of Red Kites crash land into station and a blur of a Sparrowhawk gave the banding lab window a very near miss.! The wind however, didn't hold back the birds. In the first couple of net rounds the few nets that we managed to open were full of robins.

There was a steady stream of birds until midday when a huge flock of bluetits descended on the garden and we decided that it would probably be a good idea to close up, leaving us with a total of 170 birds ringed.

Bluetit - Cyanistes caeruleus

Species wise it was the usual assortment, with the addition of a couple of dozen bluetits. The pallid harrier we saw yesterday is still hanging around the garden.

We're expecting tomorrow to be pretty busy so hopefully something new will end up in the nets!

Joe & Abbi

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