lørdag den 4. oktober 2014

A Slow but Sunny Day

Today was a warm and sunny autumn day at Gedser. Unfortunately, the sun did not bring as many birds as we would have hoped. 96 birds were banded, which is quite a few, but a little less than recent days. However, we cannot complain, the weather was beautiful and we all got a chance to do lots of bird watching this afternoon!
Rødhals (Erithacus rubecula)
In the lab, there was mostly rødhals and fuglekonge, but there were higher numbers of gærdesmutte than usual, which made out to be a nice surprise. Our banded bird of today was definitely the træløber, what a fantastic bird!
Gærdesmutte (Troglodytes troglodytes)
The weather made out for some nice bird watching today. Anders went out to the tip where he saw two merlins and seven little gulls. Joe and I walked down to the beach and saw a golden plover along the shore, as well as a flock of red breasted mergansers flying overhead. At the station we had a great grey shrike overhead as well as a hen harrier that just missed the net (darnit!).

Although the day was not very busy, it was nice to have some time to enjoy the scenery and nice weather. As a Canadian, I can say I really appreciate 16 degree weather in October!     

Blog: Abbi
Photos: Anders Odd Wulff Nielsen

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