søndag den 26. oktober 2014

A Surprisingly Successful Day

What seemed like an overall slow day turned out to be rather successful! There were small numbers of birds in the nets each round, but we managed to band 142 birds today!

The winds have been quite strong over the last couple days, and has really slowed down the bird migration. It seems that today however many of the birds were making their way through! There was quite a few bullfinch (dompap), robins (rødhals), and goldcrests (fuglekonge) in the nets. Around the garden there were lots of great tits (musvit) and greenfinch (grønirisk). Overhead there were lots of common and roughlegged buzzards (musvåge og fjeldvåge).  We were hoping one would swoop low enough to notice our raptor ground trap, but no such luck.

Luckily for us the wind also blew a ring ouzel (ringdrossel) into our sparrowhawk net! It was a beautiful first year female. We also caught a redpoll (gråsisken), which wasn't the first of the year, but was a first for me! They are so cute, with their little red caps!
Ringdrossel (Turdus torquatus)
Foto: Anders O. W. Nielsen
It looks like tomorrow will also be windy, but hopefully it is just as successful as today.


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