torsdag den 9. oktober 2014

Krazy Kestrel Day!

It was another great day for raptors today, with six Sparrowhawks caught and a Kestrel! (Tårnfalk). There was also a Pallid Harrier (Stepphøg) flying around the garden and adjacent fields for most of the day.

Young Male Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)
It seemed like a fairly average morning for ringing but when the totals were added up we realized that we'd ringed 146 birds! Similar species to those that we've been catching recently, mostly Robins and Goldcrests. Amongst the birds caught were seven incredibly fat Blackcaps (Munk) with fat scores of 6 and 7! Surprising that they could even fly! We also banded a new firecrest, which is always a treat to see.

It looks like tomorrow will be a similar day, so we are hoping some new species will fly through. Maybe another raptor or two?!

Joe & Abbi

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