tirsdag den 1. maj 2012

3 Klasse and Pied Flycatchers

Today we were joined by 3 Klasse from Nykøbing Falster Realskole. Unfortunately the weather was against us and we only caught 20 birds this morning (14 new). Still the children got to see Chiffchaffs (Gransanger), Willow Warblers (Løvsanger), a Whitethroat (Tornsanger), Redstarts (Rødstjert) and two new arrivals, a pair of Pied Flycatchers (Broget Fluesnapper)- one male and one female.

On the plus side the small number of birds meant that we could spend more time showing the children what goes on at GFU; mist netting, applying bands, taking measurements etc. They all seemed really interested and excited to see birds in the hand - and we were very impressed with their English skills.

Joe & Lucy

Hans demonstrating how to weight a bird - Gert Jeppesen

3 Klasse at GFU - Gert Jeppesen

First Pied Flycatcher of the year - Joe Krawiec

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