søndag den 13. maj 2012

Open House

This morning members of the public were invited to come to GFU to see bird ringing demonstrations, look around the garden and to meet the staff. We had a great turn out with around 90 people (including about 30 children) arriving between 07:00 and 12:00.

Despite the great weather the turn out for birds was not so good, just 20 individuals ringed, but this was still enough for us to be able to show the guests how birds are caught and ringed. Also, early this morning before everyone arrived we caught two new species for the year; a Thrush Nightingale (Nattergal) and a Reed Warbler (Rørsanger).

Joe & Lucy

Reed Warbler - Lucy Dadour
Thrush Nightingale - Lucy Dadour

Open House at GFU - Lucy Dadour

Hans demonstrating bird ringing - Lucy Dadour

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