fredag den 4. maj 2012

New ringer at GFU!

Today was Luis' first morning ringing with us and it was a pretty good morning.

There were 54 birds today (46 new) and a few interesting species. Another new one today, a Garden Warbler (Havesanger) along with the second Whinchat (Bynkefugl) for the year.

In a repeat of yesterday we also caught another Tree Sparrow (Skovspurv) and a Starling (Stær) the ninth and eighth for the year.

An interesting recapture - we caught a Lesser Whitethroat (Gærdesanger) ringed by our very own Rune Skjold Tjørnløv on the 04/05/2011, exactly 12 months ago today!

On top of all this we've had some very interesting observations this morning thanks to the ever vigilant bird watchers staying with us at the moment. In or around the garden today were; a Ortolan Bunting (Hortulan) a Golden Oriole (Priol), a Serin (Gulirisk) and Luis heard a Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Stor Flagspæette).

A bit windy tomorrow but it's in the right direction!  

Joe & Lucy

Meet Luis - the new ringer at GFU from Portugal
Second Whinchat for the year, a female this time - Joe Krawiec
First Garden Warbler for the year - Joe Krawiec

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful people at ENV Australia - especially you Jamie. We love you Jamie.

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