mandag den 28. maj 2012

Is og fuglekikkeri

Today the nets were only open until midday. The wind was blowing too strongly, so I went with Gert to see some birds. We were searching for Saxicola maura, but we didn't have any sucess. This way, we decided to go to another place and got to see some ducks, gooses, swans, cranes, white tail sea eagle, and marsh tit (my first ever). After that just a quick stop to savor a small ice cream (I'm thinking of not even having dinner). Anyway, the results from today were the following (retraps between parentheses):

Jernspurv Prunella modularis - 0 (1)
Havesanger Sylvia borin - 1 (0)  
Tornsanger Sylvia communis - 4 (0)
Kaesanger Acrocephalus palustris - 2 (0)
Gulbug Hippolais icterina - 6 (0)
Løvsanger Phylloscopus trochilus - 3 (0)
Gransanger Phylloscopus collybita - 1 (0)
Gra Fluesnapper Muscicapa striata - 2 (0)
Tornirisk Carduelis cannabina - 2 (0)  

Total - 21 (1)


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