mandag den 12. maj 2014

Must be some kind of record

An even stronger westerly wind lashed the station today but against all odds I managed to get a full standardised ringing session in; there was however, one problem, I failed to catch a single bird, no re-traps, no nothing!   Its been pointed out that this could be a record - a completely blank session in the middle of May, I'm so proud!

With all the spare time this gave me I had a good look at the sea from the station and while birds weren't exactly streaming past there was enough to keep me entertained including an adult Gannet which flew west - always scarce in the Baltic, 2 distant Pomarine Skuas east, a very close Arctic Skua almost along the shore, 3 Garganey west, a Red-necked Grebe, 3 Swifts west and a few Swallows.

As there were some birds passing I put some effort in at the point after the nets were closed; it was however pretty quiet with a Serin south, a Marsh Harrier in off the sea and a dribble of Swallows and House Martins heading south down the coast.

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