torsdag den 17. oktober 2013


Another busy day at the nets with fresh arrivals on top of the steady trickle of birds remaining from arrivals which occurred during previous days.

A total of 287 birds were ringed throughout the day and mainly comprised of Goldcrests. These stunning little birds roamed the Fuglestation garden in nice little groups and were joined by the odd party of Tits, Chiffchaffs and also carried a single Treecreeper into one of the nets.

The following birds were also found in the nets:

Wren 16
Dunnock 3
European Robin 39
Blackbird 4
Blackcap 2
Chiffchaff 52
Goldcrest 126
Blue Tit 2
Great Tit 8
Treecreeper 1
In the past week we have caught four Treecreepers and this most recent bird is the most Certhia familiaris famialaris (Northern) type we have caught given how prominently white the supercilium is, coupled with how frosty white the upper & underparts are. However we have also caught birds that must be intergrades between C.f. macrodactyla (Central European) as some have shown off white supercilium towards the basal end of the bill extended towards the eye and have been extensively more buff/dirty white feathering across the vent/lower belly area with less frosty upperparts.
 Photo by Anders Nielsen
Eurasian Treecreeper, its definitely not C.f. britannica!
Photo by Anders Nielsen

Tree Sparrow 1
Brambling 2
Greenfinch 5
Goldfinch 1
Siskin 22
Lesser Redpoll 3

Birding Highlights during a fine birding day mainly concerned birds moving overhead and away south but a few noteworthy grounded species in the garden of the Fuglestation were 2 Long-eared Owls and a Yellow-browed Warbler that was heard calling on a few occasions feeding amidst the roving crest flocks.

Migration observed by Louis Hansen as thorough as ever from Gedser tip involved the following movements:

SV-South West
-South East
TR-Migrating then Resting
BR-Female Type
FU- Foraging
TF-Migrating then Foraging

Red-throated Diver         5              SV
Black-throated Diver       1              SV 
White-billed Diver           1              T R
Grey Heron                       1             
Bean Goose                      8             
Greylag Goose                 1             
Brent Goose                     10           V
Wigeon                             310         SV
Teal                                    34           SV
Mallard                              18           SV
Pintail                                 16           SV
Shoveler                            4              SV
Tufted Duck                     40           SV
Tufted Duck/Greater Scaup        30           SV
Greater Scaup                   12           SV
Eider (Males)                    6590       SV
Eider (Females)                4395       BR/S
Black Scoter                     73           SV
Goldeneye                         1              SV
Red-breasted Merganser   32           SV
Red Kite                            18           S
Hen Harrier                       1              S
Sparrowhawk                   10           S
Sparrowhawk                   3              TF
Common Buzzard            6              S
Common Buzzard            5              TF
Rough-legged Buzzard   29           S
Rough-legged Buzzard   3              FU
Kestrel                              1              S
Kestrel                              1              FU
Merlin                                            BR/SØ
Crane                                 11          

Cranes carrying a Friend, Photo by Louis Hansen

Northern Lapwing           1              S
Common Snipe                 2             
Little Gull                          10           SV
Sandwich Tern                 2              SV
Common Tern                   1              SV
Stock Dove                    142         S
Stock Dove                    22           TF
Wood Pigeon                1080       S
Long-eared Owl             2              R
Greater Spotted Woodpecker   1              S

Great Spotted Woodpecker how Vis-Miggers tend to to see them. It appears the MAJOR influx of these birds is still in mid flow as they continue south westwards!
Photo By Louis Hansen

Woodlark            5              TF
Woodlark            5              S
Skylark                55           S
Barn Swallow     13          
Richard's Pipit    1              SØ
Meadow Pipit     32           S
Rock Pipit            1              S
Grey Wagtail      2              S
White Wagtail (alba)       38           S
Dunnock              2              S
Redwing              1              S
Mistle Thrush    50           SV
Chiffchaff            1              S
Chiffchaff            1              FU
Goldcrest            20           FU
Goldcrest            10           S
Blue Tit                1              S
Great Grey Shrike            1              FU

Great Grey Shrike following the wave of crests southwards!
Photo by Louis Hansen

Great Grey Shrike 1              S
Jackdaw                20           TF
Starling                 870         S
House Sparrow   12           FU
Tree Sparrow       16           S
Tree Sparrow        6            TF
Chaffinch&Bramblings   13150    S
Greenfinch          280         S
Goldfinch            185         S
Goldfinch            17           FU
Siskin                   1765       S
Linnet                  270         S
Linnet                  250         FU
Twite                    8              S
Twite                    4              TF
Redpoll                25           S
Redpoll                5              TF
Common/Parrot Crossbill             6              S
Parrot Crossbill  61           S
Yellowhammer    6              S
Reed Bunting     30           S

In the evening we got the owl nets up and had the tape playing well into the early hours. Although no birds were caught their presence was felt in the garden with a calling Tawny Owl  and what was believed to be the distant call of a Tengmalm's Owl although it only sounded a couple of times!!!

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