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'A CARROT CROSSBILL' Loxia pytyopsittacus carota

Ringing was very similar to yesterday with another 45 birds trapped and ringed. Species caught were much the same with the addition of 3 Goldfinches which is a new species to be ringed this autumn, as well as a new species in the hand for Susanne who is still thoroughly enjoying herself.

 Wren 3
Dunnock 3
Robin 10
Blackcap 2
Chiffchaff 13
 Goldcrest 1
Blue Tit 1
Great Tit 3
Chaffinch 4
Brambling 1
Goldfinch 3
Reed Bunting 1

Hans and Benny arrived at around 8 am to give a ringing demonstration to a group from Marielyst Højskolen who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got to release a few Chiffchaffs, a Robin or two and the odd Great Tit much to their excitement. A huge thank you to them for supporting Gedser Fuglestation and the donations they left.

The tip was the place to be this morning with texts coming thick and fast from Louis, aka 'the eyes & ears of Gedser', with birds heading south. Despite fewer migrants heading south quality made up for the lack of quantity with the following highlights observed:
  • Richard's Pipit 1 (South)
Richard's Pipit flying past Gedser Tip, photo by Louis Hansen

Richard’s Pipit is very rare at Gedser with the previous most recent sighting over 3 years ago. The finder of today's bird, the aforementioned Louis Hansen last saw this species in Gedser in September 1988 at Kroghage (just west of the harbour)!

The Richard’s Pipit was not only Louis' 245th species seen from the tip but also the second new species (following on from the Shorelark) to be photographed in as many days for the GFU gallery. Which now has photos of  247 different bird species taken in Gedser within a period of only 5 years which is truly astonishing!. 

For more of Louis's great photos and others please Click the link below:

  • Parrot Crossbill  39 (with 3 birds blogging)
  •  Loxia sp. at least 180 birds were recorded from the garden and were most probably  Common Crossbill. However given that most were counted whilst concentrating on ringing birds around the garden, parrots not vocalising could easily be overlooked without binoculars trained on the flocks.
  • Lapland Bunting  1 (blogging around the Tip fields)
Lapland Bunting at Gedser Tip, photo by Louis Hansen
  • Slavonian Grebe  3 (1 south and 2 blogging)

In the afternoon migration simply died off and birds seemed to clear off from around the Fuglestation. It was far too silent for our liking so we opened the high nets and put a mixed tape lure on for Crossbills to try and draw them into the garden. Some birds did alight briefly on the spruce trees in the west of the garden but soon moved on before we could Identify them.

After some superb advice from MR AEGOLIUS FUNEURUS himself (Craig Brookes) who kindly shared some of his tips with us, we erected 3 Owl Nets along the path cutting through the garden to increase the chances of catching Tengmalm's Owls. The very same nets are now open and a tape lure sent to us by Stephen Menzie at Falsterbo, who we cant thank enough is on as we sit here and write this very blog post.

The new nets erected ready for the owls!

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read the GFU Blog  

Best Wishes Hugh, Rael and Jack

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