søndag den 20. oktober 2013

18-10--2013 A HUGH's SI OF RELIEF!

Birds Ringed throughout the day of 18th comprised of the following 162 birds:

Great Spotted Woodpecker 2

Great Spotted Woodpecker by Anders Nielsen
Wren 11
Dunnock 3
Robin 76
Blackbird 6
Song Thrush 1
Redwing 1
Redwing by Anders Nielsen
 Blackcap 2
Chiffchaff 4
Chiffchaff by Anders Nielsen

 Goldcrest 9
Blue Tit 13
Eurasian Treecreeper 1
Tree Sparrow 4
Chaffinch 3
Brambling 3
Greenfinch 17
Goldfinch 1
Mealy Redpoll 1
Mealy Redpoll by Anders Nielsen
 Lesser Redpoll 2

In the afternoon the team split up with some going birding at the tip and others erecting more owl nets in the garden.

Two more 12m owl nets erected bringing the total of  net witht he potential of  catching owls  to a 132metres! A HUGE THANKYOU TO ANDERS FOR ALL OF HIS HELP SETTING THEM UP INCLUDING THE CHEEKY NET ACROSS THE TRACK!

Both teams were rewarded for their efforts with a 1st Winter King Eider being found by Hugh at the tip in with a flock of Eider and the autumns 1st Long-eared Owls caught in the evening, with two birds in the owl nets in the east of the garden with a third bird escaping.

We were all very happy as it  was not only the 1st time that Hugh had seen a Long-eared Owl in the hand but it was also Anders last night and only the 2nd he had seen in the hand and got to ring.

We were beginning to get worried that owls were not going to come, but we were all relieved that all of the late nights spent up with no returns had just taken a turn for the better!

The 1st time the team got to see Hugh EXCITED! Photo of  Hugh  with a young male LEO taken by Anders Nielsen.

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