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28-10-2013 HEY JUDE!

Although we wish we could entitle this blog with another Beatles song like "BlackBird",  "Here, there and Everywhere" or "Norwegian Wood (this Bird Has Flown)" there was no way of escaping the storm that is currently cluster bombing the west coast of the UK with Nearctic vagrants!

The only thing St Jude was throwing our way here at Gedser was branches from the dead trees in the west of the garden and leaves in countless quantities.

Unsurprisingly the nets were furled along with the smiles on the GFU teams faces!

Owl netting seemed like an age ago now and OUR window for Tengmalm's Owls is getting smaller and smaller on a daily basis much to the concern of everyone here who put the time and efforts in to getting the owl nets up. On the plus side when we do finally get them open we may have a chance of a Saw-whet or a Boreal owl! ;)

A few hours during the day were spent at the tip and although masses of birds were not counted an Adult Kittiwake was observed which is less than annual sometimes here at Gedser. Other species braving the white horses include:

SV-South West
V- West
-South East 
TR-Migrating then Resting
BR-Female Type
FU- Foraging
TF-Migrating then Foraging
-North East

Great Crested Grebe 1 S
Greylag Goose 1 S
Barnacle Goose   10 TR
Barnacle Goose 3 S
Greater Scaup 2
Eider 79 S
Eider 34 FU/TRLong-tailed Duck 2 S
Common Scoter 22 FU/TR
Common Scoter 49 S 
Red-breasted Merganser (a handful of birds blogging on the sea/feeding)
Sparrowhawk 7 S
Kestrel 1 TF
Merlin 2 S
Golden Plover 19 S
Curlew 1 Ø
Black-headed Gull 4 S
Little Gull 1 S
Common Gull 7 S
Guillemot 7 S

Given that this blog post is relatively quiet we thought we would take the opportunity to try and see if  we can get some more information regarding Raptor Colour Ring Sightings observed from Photographs taken by Gert Jeppesen in the local area.

Although the colour rings have been submitted we thought we would upload the pictures in the hope that more light can be shed on the origin of these birds. We understand that some of the ring codes/lettering are illegible but we hope the colours can at least offer some hope in finding the place in which the bird was ringed and the birds age.

From what we can gather from our own research regarding the birds can be seen underneath each of the images. Thankyou for your time and please don't hesitate to share your thoughts or information with us if you have any realting to the birds shown below.

2cy Golden Eagle chasing a Brown Hare by Gert Jeppesen about 40km north of Gedser.
Golden Eagle showing blue colour ring with what appears to be white lettering on left tarsus and black colour ring on right tarsus. From Northern Sweden?

Click on the link below to see a very similar colour ring combination on a
Pullus Golden Eagle photo taken by the incredible photographer Conny Lundström from the province of Västerbotten we believe.
Immature White-tailed Eagle over Gedser photo by Gert Jeppesen.
Close up of talons on immature White-tailed Eagle showing Silver or White (uncoloured) as some people like to call it over blue on right tarsus and a black colour ring on left tarsus with obscured white lettering. From what we can find out this bird maybe from the inland freshwater's of Sweden governed by the colour of ring on right tarsus. However we are unclear about the origin of the ring on the left tarsus which could be from either the Baltic coastline or from Germany???
Also here is a fantastic link Louis found of juvenile bird in the west coast of Sweden (Örnutfodringen, Getterön (Halland)) taken on the 30-10-2013 as it happens of a bird showing the exact same colour ring combination as in the bird Gert photographed.
Adult White-tailed Eagle (6cy+)
Close up of talons of Adult bird showing colour rings and some numbering. Left tarsus = Black (8,8 or 8 ,6 white lettering?) over Blue (5, 7 or 9 in white lettering?). Right tarsus = Orange or Gold (3 or 9 or 8?) over Silver or white;uncoloured (with illegible code). From what we can find we think it may be a Danish ringed bird???

 Here are a few more photos of the adult White-tailed Eagles colour rings taken by Gert and kindly edited and cropped by Louis Hansen showing the rings and some of the coding a lot more clearly!

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