torsdag den 1. november 2012

A bad start.

Well we left October with 4500+ new birds ringed, a great month. We enter November on a blank I'm afraid; no ringing today due to very windy conditions. I did get a couple of nets up for an hour or two. Caught no birds though.

On a migration front (from what I saw) it was quiet, a few Chaffinch/Brambling. On the sea 4 Tufted ducks were the highlight. A few Waxwings went over again, no more than 10 though.

Chaffinch 1cy female
Apologies for the event-less blog today. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some nicer weather, plus some birds. Above is a picture of a Chaffinch from a few days ago. Photo Asbjørn Jensen

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