søndag den 18. november 2012

Swedish meatball and an Eastern Chiff.

Today was much quieter ringing than yesterday with only 19 new birds. 12 Blackbirds, 5 Robin, 1 Greenfinch and 1 "Eastern type" Chiffchaff.

The Chiffchaff was a very pale individual. Though it was too green to be a tristis. Speaking with some more experienced people and looking at many photos ruled out fulvescens for me also and we settled (almost) on my initial thought which was "Odd abietinus". We concluded that this bird was an Eastern type bird, probably abietinus. The bird did not call.

Eastern Chiffchaff- Gedser 18/11/2012

Eastern Chiffchaff close up - Gedser 18/11/12
 We took the nets down due to increasing wind and some rain late morning and we managed to take a further 5 nets down for the enitre winter. In the afternoon I opened 2 nets and caught one bird, a recapture Wren. Not any old recap though but a control from Sweden, nice! It seems this Wren has been ringed in Falsterbo but we will wait for museums to conclude that.

Birds of the day included 120 resting Waxwing a wondering Hawfinch and 2 Cranes seen/heard at the point, though they did not migrate!

It's home time for me tomorrow and I would just like to thank everyone at Gedser for having me again, it's been a great autumn! 

Photo: Troels
Blog: Craig Brookes

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