tirsdag den 13. november 2012

A nice mix.

An attempt last night to catch Owls was ended at 2.30 this morning, the wind had increased and low cloud had moved in. We ended with the one Long-eared which featured in yesterday's blog.

This morning the fog was still lingering at dawn as the nets were checked. It seemed a few birds had been grounded in this weather. Song Thrushes, Redwings and Robins mainly. The ringing today was steady with 40 birds caught. Highlights were a late Blackcap, Bullfinches, a Dunnock and a Waxwing. A few Siskins also respond to the tape lures and were nice to catch.

Siskin 1cy male - Carduelis spinus - Craig Brookes

Bullfinches Adult Female (Left) Juvenile Female (Right)- Pyrrhula pyrrhula - Asbjørn Jensen

Birds seen today included Kestrel, a Serin (which turned and returned inland), 55 Waxwings migrating, whilst a Woodpigeon, Skylark, White wagtail and 3 Black Redstarts rested along the coast, the Black reds being in the Harbour at Gedser.

Jesper was interviewed this morning by P4 Radio and this will appear soon on air.

Photos : Craig Brookes and Asbjørn Jensen
Blog: Craig Brookes

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