fredag den 2. november 2012

Visible Migration.

Today, again, the weather was terrible. Far too windy to safely catch birds for ringing purposes. Instead then, I went bird watching at the point. Here, as always I found Preben, a dedicated migration counter whom stands out in all weathers tracking the migrations of birds and what a fantastic job he does. Today before I had ventured out he had already clocked a Kittiwake and 7 Little gulls. I counted the following, but was only there for a short time 2 hours or so due to other work needed to be done.
Long-tailed Duck 6, Eider 188, Red-throated Diver 2, Wigeon 40, Goldeneye 2, Common Scoter 40, Velvet Scoter 2, Red-breasted Merganser 19. 1 Purple Sandpiper made a brief appearance before heading of East and a Grey Wagtail rested on the shoreline. 5 Tundra Bean Geese also migrated south. The usual finches were evident, Siskin, Redpoll, Green and Goldfinch all noted. 3 Grey Seals were just offshore playing in the surf.

Tomorrow there should be some birds in the nets, here's hoping.

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