søndag den 11. november 2012

A new wave.

This morning as nets were set in the dark a few birds were about in the garden. Redwings seeped and Robins ticked as myself and Jesper set up for the mornings ringing. It wasn't an exceptional day numbers wise but around 50 birds were caught (including recaptures). 34 were new.

Goldcrest 13,
Blue Tit 5,
Wren 4,
Siskin 4,
Robin 2,
Blackbird 2,
Fieldfare 1,
Bullfinch 1,

It is now getting very late for Blackcaps.

Goldcrest - Fuglekonge 1cy female - Heather McGinty
Migrants which were seen/heard. Curlew 1, Golden Plover 6, Hawfinch 3, Woodlark 1, Chaffinch/Brambling 200+, Greenfinch 30, Redpoll 40 and 60 Siskin.

Photo - Heather McGinty
Bloc - Craig Brookes

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