søndag den 4. november 2012

Another birdless day.

The wind stopped efforts of any standardised ringing this morning, though it did ebb slightly in the afternoon; enough to put up some nets. I opened a few nets around the garden for 4 hours and caught 1 recapture Goldcrest. That's it!

A mixed sex flock of Long-tailed Ducks - Photo Arne Ader.
Visible migration was poor (from here at least) with only a few Siskin, Greenfinch, Redpoll, Chaffinch/Brambling and Goldfinch moving in small numbers. Grounded migrants seemed to be 3 Song Thrushes, 8 Blackbirds and 6 Waxwing (turned round out at Sea and landed near lighthouse just before dusk.) On the sea there was the usual Cormorants, Common Scoters, Wigeon and Long-tailed ducks; the Baltic is an important wintering area for many 1000's of Long-tailed ducks so if you are around Gedser in the winter months you should check out these beautiful sea ducks.

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