lørdag den 17. november 2012

Black Magic.

Last night Jesper came up with a cunning plan to ground some Blackbirds ahead of his final ringing day (today). His plan was executed and this morning we reaped the rewards! An exceptional number of Thrushes have been moving the past nights and this time we had managed to ground a few! In total today we ringed a hefty 42 Blackbirds! This exceeds the previous day record by more than 50% which was also set this year and equals to my knowledge the record day total at Falsterbo, Sweden.

Blackbird 2cy+ male - Turdus merula

I also had a lovely surprise when Jesper woke me to tell me he had trapped a Black Redstart, a bird I had hoped for the entire autumn and only fitting that it came within the last 2 days of my stay! Cheers Jesper!
Black Redstart 1cy - Phoenicurus ochruros

As well as amazing totals of Blackbirds and the latest ever trapped Black Redstart here at Gedser we also managed to trap and ring 17 Waxwings today and 9 Robins (A good number in mid-late November). Also ringed a scattering of other species, Song Thrush, Redwing, Redpoll, Siskin, Goldfinch and Goldcrest. 

A Sparrowhawk was seen in the garden late afternoon though the highlight was in fact a stunning adult male Hen Harrier which flew in off the sea early morning and was lost to view behind the lighthouse. A Hawfinch was the only highlight from us at the station and this was seen to migrate, as were 35 Blackbirds this evening as the light faded! A Bullfinch was a grounded migrant as were 70+ Waxwings.

Troels arrived this evening and will be taking over the ringing for the next few weeks!

Photos and Blog: Craig Brookes

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